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Moooo...ving right along!


You guys, I had forgotten that newborns insist on eating all the damn time. Obviously, my full-time position as resident cow is (temporarily) conflicting with my daily blog duties. However, I have not been slacking at all on keeping the calendar up to date for your weekend plans. Click on through to find loads of stuff to do with the kids. Okay? By the way, I don't think I told you guys about my baby's impossibly lush + full head of hair. Click here to check out his lovely locks on Instagram. Try not to feel too badly if you've got one of those unsightly, bald headed babies.

Events We Love This Week!
Upcoming Events
  • BAMkids Movie Matinees

    BAMkids Movie Matinees

    Independent, and classic movies perfect for young cinephiles-in-training and their families.

    Ages: For ages 4 and up
    Cost: $7.00 to $10.00
    When: October 12-December 14. See enclosed dates + times.
  • Art Trek

    Art Trek

    Take a new voyage around the globe every time you visit the Met.

    Ages: For ages 7 to 11
    Cost: Free to $25.00
    When: Saturdays, 11:00AM + 2:00PM
  • Art Play

    Art Play

    Discover art and the Museum through stories, play, and activities just for early learners!

    Ages: For ages 2 to 4
    Cost: Free to $25.00
    When: First Wednesday of every month starting October, @10:30 AM-12:00PM
  • A Closer Look for Kids

    A Closer Look for Kids

    Children 5-10 years of age get the VIP treatment at the MOMA with a dedicated tour.

    Ages: For ages 5 to 10
    Cost: Free
    When: Select Saturdays and Sundays, 10:20AM-11:15AM
  • 360 Allstars

    360 Allstars

    Circling the globe and spinning circles around the competition, 360 ALLSTARS showcases seven sensational champions on a single stage.

    Ages: For ages 6 and up
    Cost: $10.00 to $25.00
    When: November 14 thru November 30th. See available showtimes.
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