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Easter Egg Hunts with a side of Strange!


Spring is such a lovely time of year, you guys. We shed our winter jackets, gather round in the parks, and watch our adorable children knock each other out for a couple of jellybeans. SO FUN!!!! Of course, you can find all of the Easter Egg hunts on the website - just select "Holiday" from the pull down menu. However, keep an eye out for a few more civilized options like this Easter Brunch at The Standard. By the way, we caught up with Kris Strange on the blog today. Mostly we love Kris because she has a sense of humor. She answered all of our obnoxious questions (including the one about moldy sippy cups), and gave some very real parenting advice for all of the newbies out there. Read on and see you back here tomorrow!

Events We Love This Week!
Upcoming Events
  • ABC Do-Re-ME Musical Playdate

    ABC Do-Re-ME Musical Playdate

    A premier drop-in children's music and movement program offering unique, fun and educational classes.

    Ages: For ages infants to 6
    Cost: $25.00
    When: Mondays @ 9:30AM (1/5/15-6/8/15)
  • BAMkids Movie Matinees

    BAMkids Movie Matinees

    Independent, and classic movies perfect for young cinephiles-in-training and their families.

    Ages: For ages 4 and up
    Cost: $7.00 to $10.00
    When: October 12-December 14. See enclosed dates + times.
  • A Closer Look for Kids

    A Closer Look for Kids

    Children 5-10 years of age get the VIP treatment at the MOMA with a dedicated tour.

    Ages: For ages 5 to 10
    Cost: Free
    When: Select Saturdays and Sundays, 10:20AM-11:15AM
  • Art Trek

    Art Trek

    Take a new voyage around the globe every time you visit the Met.

    Ages: For ages 7 to 11
    Cost: Free to $25.00
    When: Select Saturdays + Sundays @ 11:00AM + 2:00PM
  • Adventures of Seucy and Boto: Episode 2

    Adventures of Seucy and Boto: Episode 2

    An episodic series for kids about the adventures of Seucy, a brave little girl who battles any obstacle in order to keep the Amazon Jungle safe!

    Ages: For ages 4 and up
    Cost: $8.00
    When: April 4, 11:00AM + 1:00PM
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